Inverter Systems

Exeltech Inverter Systems offers the complete line of EXCELTECH inverter systems.

Exeltech manufactures a truly reliable, redundant, modular inverter system.   No single malfunction will cause the inverter system to fail.  Modules are “hot” insertable.  Power levels are expandable and can be added or replaced without interruption in power to your critical loads.  Visit:

Exeltech Components are as follows:

  • Power module – 1000 Watt slave power inverter. Requires drive signals from Master Module or Control Card. This module is the backbone of the inverter system.
  • Master Module – 1000 Watt power inverter which contains all the electronics necessary to operate. Requires an enclosure to provide connection to the battery and AC output. Can also operate up to 19 slave Power Modules. If the Master Module is used to operate the slave modules, the system cannot be fully redundant.
  • Control Card – Generates all the signals necessary to operate up to 20 Power Modules.  The Card itself will not generate any AC output power nor does power flow through it. This card can be paralleled with another Control Card to generate a redundant set of control signals to form the basis of a completely redundant inverter system.
  • Alarm Card – Can be used in conjunction with a redundant or non-redundant inverter to provide various alarm output signals to the user via LED’s and alarm contact closures.  It must be included in redundant systems to detect failure of Control Card.
  • Transfer Switch – Provides the same functions as the Alarm Card plus provides a relay to transfer AC power to the load from either the inverter of the utility input.  Use only with a system of 7kW or less.
  • Cage Assembly – required on all MX Series Inverters, the Cage provides connections to the battery and provides AC output.


Features Include:

  • N+1 Redundant
  • Expandable
  • “Hot” Insertable
  • Adjustable Power
  • 1000 Watt Modules
  • True Sine-wave output
  • 1000 watts to 20kW single phase
  • 2000 watts to 40kW Bi-phase
  • 3000 watts to 60kW Three phase
  • 12vdc to 108vdc inputs
  • Available in 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz
  • 21.5 Years
  • Remote metering
  • Remote switching