2020 GenPro Employee Awards

Congratulations to our team for another successful year at GenPro Energy Solutions. As always, our team continues to show our customers that we can get the job done, no matter the size.

We want to honor our outstanding team at GenPro and the work they do to help make our company a success.

“Team Player Award” – Tim Teeslink

Leads others through partnerships.
Positively influences others in working toward objectives.
Does whatever it takes to get the job done – even if it’s not in their job description.
Is motivated by Servant Leadership.
Has an excellent attitude all the time.

“Bright Idea Award” – Paul Weieler

Champion of Continuous Improvement.
Honoring the creative problem solver.
Develop innovative solutions to work challenges.
Break down boundaries and/or create new relationships to improve the way work gets done.
Approach problems as opportunities for growth and learning.

“Calm in the Eye of the Storm” – Cody Anderson

Resilient when things are hectic.
Displays professionalism and tact in the most difficult situations.
Prioritizes effectively to make sure the right things get done.
Has a calming effect on those around them during stressful times.

“Mr./Ms. Safety Award” – Bob Lavoie

Always makes sure the safety is paramount.
Looks out for all others on the job.
Stops work in situations where there is a risk.
Encourages others to work and live safe every day.

“The Overcomer” – Don Shepersky

This person always comes out on top, even when it’s looking ugly.
Pushes through circumstances.
Makes the best of any situation.
Encourages others – even without words – during difficult times.

“Star Service Award” – Tanner Jobgen

Modeling superior service.
Provide a unique level of service that fosters business relationships/further enhances reputation.
Handling difficult situations with class and professionalism.

“Unsung Hero” – Michelle Livengood

Working behind the scenes consistently provide high quality, reliable and critical work that, if undone, would halt highly visible operations.
Demonstrate a steady willingness to improve work situations and does so without prompting or fanfare.
Recognize someone whose quiet daily management makes everything go smoothly for everyone else.

“Rookie of the Year”- Nile Fraiser

Came on board and instantly provided results and value.
Someone everyone wants in the future.
Has the potential to grow within the organization.

“Circle of Excellence” – Sara Pesek

Embodies the core values of GenPro.
Demonstrates the highest level of professionalism.
Is passionate about their work and views it as more than a job.
Is highly effective and efficient, and their performance reflects that.
Relates to everyone in the organization very well; is kind and compassionate; serves other first before self.
Without this person, GenPro would not be as successful.

” Beyond the Call of Duty” – Matt Fallon

Always goes the distance to make sure that their task or responsibility is fulfilled.
Crosses T’s and dots the I’s – always.
Goes above and beyond often, and it usually results in a win for everyone.


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