ASCO 300 Series Automatic Transfer Switch

ASCO 7000 Series Closed Transition Automatic Transfer Switch

ASCO 7000 series Automatic Closed-Transition Transfer Switches feature main contacts that overlap, permitting the transfer of electrical loads without power interruption.

The 7000 series ATS transfers in a “make-before break” mode if both sources are within acceptable parameters.  Control logic continuously monitors source conditions and automatically determines whether the load transfer should be open (conventional non-overlap mode) or closed transition.  The 7000 series automatic transfer switch is available in 150 through 4000 amperes.

The Asco Closed-transition transfers within 5 electrical degrees is achieved passively without control of the engine generator set.  Therefore, no additional control wire runs are required between the Asco automatic transfer switch and engine generator set governor.  Protective relaying may not be required under normal operation since the contact overlap time is less than 100 milliseconds.  (Consult your local utility on protective relay requirements.)

Failure to synchronize indication and extended parallel time protection is built-in to all Asco 7000 Series closed transition controls to prevent abnormal operation. In addition to providing quality-driven product innovation for over 70 years, ASCO provides 24-hour nationwide service for the 7000 series automatic transfer switch products.