Benefits of UVC Sterilization

Highly effective in killing every known microorganism (including coronavirus strains) and shown to reduce viral illness rates.

Boost customer loyalty by creating a powerful sense of protection and safety by going above and beyond competitors.

Drive clients to your gas pumps to increase overall foot traffic and maximize convenience store food and beverage sales.

Safe for the environment and humans with light naturally emitted from the sun, does not disperse mysterious chemicals.

Get all advantages UVC has to offer without adding more work, just let the intelligent self-sufficient system run.

Compare the Difference of UVC disinfection VS Chemical Cleaners

UVC Disinfection

Hypoallergenic and safe

Effortless once installed

Automatic after each client

Effective every single time

No recurring purchases

400,000+ cycles per bulb

Works against all microbes

Environmentally friendly

Chemical Cleaners

Leaves toxic irritants behind

Requires manual labor

Dependent on a worker

Prone to cross-contamination

Buy materials frequently

Constant maintenance

Must include correct biocides

Chemical storage and waste