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Part NumberPart Name
100002BRIGGS PART-Additive Gasoline
100041BRIGGS PART-Cleaner Carb 8 oz
100044BRIGGS PART-Degreaser 15 oz.
100117BRIGGS PART-Fuel Treatment and Stabilizer, 4 oz, Treats 20 gal
186205GSBRIGGS PART-Switch Temp, 10, 12, 15, and 20 KW HSB
186443GSBRIGGS PART-Switch On/Off/On
190818JGSBRIGGS PART-Circuit Breaker 50 AMP 7 and 10 KW, HSB **
192065GSBRIGGS PART-Breaker Circuit 200A ATS
192696GSBRIGGS PART-Terminal
192879GSBRIGGS PART-Insulator
192881GSBRIGGS PART-Bar Buss
193306GSBRIGGS PART-Screw Bonding
196070GSBRIGGS PART-Voltage Regulator
197472GSBRIGGS PART-Cover Outlet, 6300 Watt
198460GSBRIGGS PART-Plug Hole, Frame of HSB
201309GSBRIGGS PART-Rotor, 10 KW Model 040243A
204426GSBRIGGS PART-Switch Temp
204700GSBRIGGS PART-Kit, Latch
205368GSBRIGGS PART-Seal, Enclosure
205858GSBRIGGS PART-Regulator-Voltage
205991GSBRIGGS PART-Connector, 2 Pin
205992GSBRIGGS PART-Connector, 10 Pin
207096GSBRIGGS PART-Badge, GE 3 1/2"
207575GSBRIGGS PART-Filter Air Cleaner
207576GSBRIGGS PART-Cleaner Air Cartridge
208056GSBRIGGS PART-Control Board
208106GSBRIGGS PART-Current Transformer
272157SBRIGGS PART-Gasket Head
272163SBRIGGS PART-Gasket Cylinder Head
272490SBRIGGS PART-Filter Pre-Cleaner
272996BRIGGS PART-Gasket Fuel Tank
273113SBRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
27803SBRIGGS PART-Gasket, Breather
271370SBRIGGS PART-Seal Dipstick
299577BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set, Engine
310443GSBRIGGS PART-Board, ATS Symphony
311318GSBRIGGS PART-Circuit Breaker 18 and 20 KW, HSB
311350GSBRIGGS PART-Control Board 35 KW 48 KW
311353GSBRIGGS PART-Control, 12, 15, 18, and 20 KW, HSB
311685GSBRIGGS PART-Decal, Exhaust Heat
311713GSBRIGGS PART-Flex Pipe, Gas
313228GSBRIGGS PART-Switch Temp
314290GSBRIGGS PART-Key Latch
314618GSBRIGGS PART-Panel Control 17-20 KW
314666GSBRIGGS PART-Stator Assy 20 KW Standby
315423GSBRIGGS PART-Control 8KW 35KW 48KW 60KW
315452GSBRIGGS PART-Insulation, 17-20KW Roof
317479GSBRIGGS PART-Motor Stepper
318449GSBRIGGS PART-Warnings Decal Sheet, Home Standby
318479GSBRIGGS PART-Valve Regulator 35-48KW
318880GSBRIGGS PART-Solenoid Gas Fuel
319606GSBRIGGS PART-Breaker 125 Amp 2 Pole
319607GSBRIGGS PART-Breaker Main 175 Amp 2 Pole
319616GSBRIGGS PART-Paint Touch Up GE Bronze 1/2 oz
391086SBRIGGS PART-Seal Oil
393010SBRIGGS PART-Muffler
394358SBRIGGS PART-Filter Fuel
394681BRIGGS PART-Kit Needle/Seat
394682BRIGGS PART-Kit Needle/Seat
394683BRIGGS PART-Kit Needle/Seat
395015RBRIGGS PART-Fuel Line 1/4" ID x 7/16 OD
398067BRIGGS PART-Arrester, Spark
43438GSBRIGGS PART-Plug 120/240 TL30A
490652BRIGGS PART-Handle and Rope
491055TBRIGGS PART-Plug Spark
491435SBRIGGS PART-Filter Pre
491588SBRIGGS PART-Filter Air
491832BRIGGS PART-Cap Oil Fill
492024BRIGGS PART-Kit Carb Overhaul
492283BRIGGS PART-Float, Carburetor
492341BRIGGS PART-Magneto
492889BRIGGS PART-Filter Pre-Cleaner
492932SBRIGGS PART-Filter Oil
493880SBRIGGS PART-Terminal, Spark Plug
494381BRIGGS PART-Float Arm
494511SBRIGGS PART-Filter Air
495606BRIGGS PART-Kit Carb Overhaul
495664BRIGGS PART-Bracket Tank 1 Gallon
496018TBRIGGS PART-Plug Spark
496881BRIGGS PART-Drive Starter
496914BRIGGS PART-Armature-Magneto **
497069BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set Carb **
497070BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set
497230BRIGGS PART-Kit Choke Shaft
497595BRIGGS PART-Starter, 3 5/8 Housing/Plastic Ring Gear Only
497596BRIGGS PART-Starter
497849BRIGGS PART-Kit Carburetor
498116BRIGGS PART-Kit Carb
49820GSBRIGGS PART-Nut Nylok M8-1.25
498534BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set Valve Overhaul
5081KBRIGGS PART-Hour Meter 12V DC
66386GSBRIGGS PART-Brush Holder Assy 7-10 KW HSB
66574BRIGGS PART-Rope Starter
690611BRIGGS PART-Seal Dipstick
690687BRIGGS PART-Gasket Oil Adaptor V-Twin
690712BRIGGS PART-Link Throttle
690950BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
690963BRIGGS PART-Spring Valve **
690970BRIGGS PART-Gasket, Exhaust, V-Twin
690971BRIGGS PART-Gasket-Rocket Cover
690977BRIGGS PART-Valve Tappet
691035BRIGGS PART-Fuel Filter, In-Line
691185BRIGGS PART-Regulator Voltage DC **
691312BRIGGS PART-Seal Cap Oil Fill **
691327BRIGGS PART-Cover Air Cleaner
691506BRIGGS PART-Spring Governor
691565BRIGGS PART-Strap A/C
691573BRIGGS PART-Regulator
691613BRIGGS PART-Gasket Exhaust V-Twin
691643BRIGGS PART-Filter Air
691656BRIGGS PART-Solenoid Starter
691684BRIGGS PART-Gasket Crankcase V-Twin **
691694BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
691757BRIGGS PART-Cover Control
691766BRIGGS PART-Washer, Sealing, Valve Cover
691836BRIGGS PART-Rod Push Intake Steel
691866BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
691890BRIGGS PART-Gasket Rocker Cover Portable
691893BRIGGS PART-Gasket Exhaust
691963BRIGGS PART-Seal Valve
692035BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake Manifold
692051BRIGGS PART-Plug, Spark GP165S
692055BRIGGS PART-Nut Lock Valve Cover
692057BRIGGS PART-Bushing Valve Guide
692058BRIGGS PART-Valve Retainer
692063BRIGGS PART-Gasket Oil Adaptor
692073BRIGGS PART-Spring Governor Link
692076BRIGGS PART-Boot Spark Plug
692081BRIGGS PART-Gasket Air Cleaner
692087BRIGGS PART-Gasket Air Cleaner
692137BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
692194BRIGGS PART-Retainer Valve
692218BRIGGS PART-Gasket Crankcase
692277BRIGGS PART-Gasket Air Cleaner
692304BRIGGS PART-Muffler
692318BRIGGS PART-Switch Key
692520BRIGGS PART-Pre-Cleaner
693172BRIGGS PART-Seal Dipstick D/9806100
693711BRIGGS PART-Gasket Carb Body
694874BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake Carburetor
695440BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set Valve
695441BRIGGS PART-Kit Overhaul Carb
695708BRIGGS PART-Gear Pinion
696147BRIGGS PART-Kit Carb **
696202BRIGGS PART-Plug Spark
696579BRIGGS PART-Alternator
696796BRIGGS PART-Tube Breather
696981BRIGGS PART-Carburetor **
697015BRIGGS PART-Pre-Cleaner (7KW HSB)
697255BRIGGS PART-Gasket Exhaust **
697854BRIGGS PART-Rocker Switch
698180BRIGGS PART-Valve Fuel Plastic
698183BRIGGS PART-Valve Fuel Shut-Off
698210BRIGGS PART-Gasket Head
699951BRIGGS PART-Module Oil
703877BRIGGS PART-Regulator Fuel
704907BRIGGS PART-Breaker 20 Amp Push Button
706433BRIGGS PART-Solenoid Gas 35KW
707157BRIGGS PART-Regulator Voltage
707181BRIGGS PART-Motor Stepper
708761BRIGGS PART-Sensor Low Level Coolant 35KW
708812BRIGGS PART-Senor RPM 35KW
708814BRIGGS PART-Sensor Oil Pressure 35KW
708838BRIGGS PART-Sensor Temp Coolant 35KW
710060BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
710113BRIGGS PART-Knob
710206BRIGGS PART-Gasket Rocker Cover
710216BRIGGS PART-Gaslet Crankcase
710235BRIGGS PART-Gasket Carb Intake
710237BRIGGS PART-Gasket Carb Intake
710266BRIGGS PART-Filter Air
710450BRIGGS PART-Tube Breather
715032BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set
715081BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set
715139BRIGGS PART-Kit Carburetor
715155BRIGGS PART-Valve Float
715156BRIGGS PART-Kit Carburetor
715159BRIGGS PART-Bowl Float
715230BRIGGS PART-Muffler Deflector
715231BRIGGS PART-Magneto **
715353BRIGGS PART-Sensor Oil
715491BRIGGS PART-Arrestor Spark
715572BRIGGS PART-Carb Assy
715704BRIGGS PART-Gasket Set Valve
790274BRIGGS PART-Sensor Oil **
795121BRIGGS PART-Starter Aluminum Only
795333BRIGGS PART-Rocker Switch
795387BRIGGS PART-Seal, Crankshaft Generator End, V-Twin Vertical Shaft
796184BRIGGS PART-Kit Carb Overhaul
797008BRIGGS PART-Filter Air Cleaner
797139BRIGGS PART-Valve Float Needle
797375BRIGGS PART-Regulator Voltage **
797427BRIGGS PART-Filter Air Cleaner
798748BRIGGS PART-Filter Air Cleaner
806039SBRIGGS PART-Gasket Rocker Cover V-Twin
806085SBRIGGS PART-Gasket Head Graphoil
806377BRIGGS PARTS-Gasket Head **
806418BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake
806425BRIGGS PART-Gasket Exhaust 12KW HSB
806457BRIGGS PART-Gasket Intake Manifold
806466BRIGGS PART-Seal O-Ring Breather
807610BRIGGS PART-Bracket, Control **
807680BRIGGS PART-Valve Intake
807683BRIGGS PART-Valve Keeper
807889BRIGGS PART-Ring Piston Set **
807986BRIGGS PART-Gasket Cyl Head Steel
808033BRIGGS PART-Port Adaptor Oil Filter
808235BRIGGS PART-Adaptor Oil Filter
808390BRIGGS PART-Kit Overhaul Gasket **
808391BRIGGS PART-Valve Overhaul Kit V-Twin **
808656BRIGGS PART-Pump Fuel
808687BRIGGS PART-Valve Exhaust
808704BRIGGS PART-Gasket Overhaul Kit V-Twin
809094BRIGGS PART-Gasket Breather **
809186BRIGGS PART-Head Assy Complete
809730BRIGGS PART-Gasket Head
809872BRIGGS PART-Gasket Exhaust
820314BRIGGS PART-Filter Oil
821135BRIGGS PART-Switch Oil Pressure 3LC Diesel
821136BRIGGS PART-Filter Air
825418BRIGGS PART-Solenoid Starter
84132GSBRIGGS PART-Regulator Power
841359BRIGGS PART-Filter Air
841497BRIGGS PART-Filter Air
841601BRIGGS PART-Bracket Tank
841613BRIGGS PART-Rod Choke
841856BRIGGS PART-Filter Air
842458BRIGGS PART-Cover Crankcase **
842622BRIGGS PART-Gasket Head
842858BRIGGS PART-Guard Fan 31, 35 HP
844107BRIGGS PART-Gasket Crankcase
845760BRIGGS PART-Starter 12V
846820BRIGGS PART-Solenoid Starter
B4177GSBRIGGS PART-Charger Battery, Portable

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