Commercial Energy Solutions

Define the strategies to solve problems that businesses face, such as high energy costs and reliability.


Save up to 70% off your lighting costs using GenPro’s proven lighting solutions.


Create the power that keeps your business moving forward with renewable power.


Take control while monitoring your system performance, and analyze the data to detect any issues early.


GenPro offers industry-leading certified electrical contractors to complete your project.


Proven Energy Partner

When you invest in solar with GenPro, you are going into the energy business. You are backed by a partner with over 17 years of experience helping businesses be successful through solar energy. 


Constant Innovation

We provide best-in-class technologies and solutions to help differentiate your business and maximize savings. Our proven energy ecosystem allows energy monitoring, battery storage, and advanced solar energy solutions. 


End-To-End Service

We help maximize customer investment while minimizing project costs. This helps to shorten the system payback period. GenPro achieves this through our in-house project development, financing, design, engineering, procurement, operations, and maintenance. 

A Leader in commercial energy Solutions

GenPro Energy has strong expertise in commercial energy solutions. We want to be your business’s energy partner. With decades of experience, we are confident we can help your onsite power generation a success. We are ready to help your business through the process of converting to a renewable solar energy system. When you partner with GenPro, you are making the smart decision for your business.

Whether you are purchasing your system or financing it, you’ll gain federal incentives, rebates, and tax deductions that result in savings for your business. Our team of commercial energy solutions experts determine the highest possible ROI while managing your investment in solar energy. Contact the team at GenPro energy to start your solar energy project today.

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