PIEDMONT, S.D. (1/27/16) GenPro Energy Solutions has launched a new battery storage system that lets homeowners and small businesses store energy from the grid or renewable energy for use during the evening when energy charges are often higher or when renewable energy sources are not available.

The Sonnenbatterie eco stores power in its lithium ion batteries rather than passing it on to the electrical grid. When you need more power than your panels are generating, the batteries automatically help supply your needs.

That’s especially important for electricity users who have demand meters, because they pay more for power during peak times. In peak demand times, the batteries automatically help supply your needs.

In addition, the batteries automatically provide power during outages, and the intelligent energy management software makes the system easy to operate.

GenPro, which sells and installs solar photovoltaic systems for homes and businesses, unveiled the Sonnenbatterie eco during the recent Black Hills Power Electro-Tech Expo in Rapid City.

Tim Teeslink, GenPro’s Solar Energy Technical Specialist, said the system is easy to install with an existing electricity source. Even if you don’t generate your own power, you can use the eco system to level out the often-expensive electricity peaks. The system takes less floor space than a small water heater, and it is fully self-contained. Users can manage the eco with a touch screen or smart phone app.

There are a variety of Sonnenbatterie eco configurations, depending on your electrical needs, and the system can reduce the amount of power you buy from the utility by as much as 50 percent.