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Generate power to keep your business moving forward.

Electrical Services

Keep your business ahead of the competition

Take control of your energy costs and reliability by generating power on-site. Standby generators and photovoltaic solutions are the go-to technologies today. When your business has the capability of generating its own electricity you take control of productivity and energy savings.

Never worry again that time will be lost if the energy from the grid goes down. When the power is out, your business won’t be.  Your employee’s safety is paramount, and with a backup power generator, you’ll never worry that your security system going down.

Generating your own electricity will create reliability and can be designed to lower energy costs during peak demand times. Do your peak demand charges inflate your energy bill? Turning to peak shaving by generating energy from a solar PV system can guarantee your business savings from day one. Businesses have seen a return on their investment in as little as three years. You know that energy costs will be one constant as long as the business is running, take control now, and reduce it with solar.

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Does Solar make sense for your business?

The price of solar has decreased considerably in the last five years, which makes the economics of solar even more attractive for your business.  When your business goes solar, it can also help hedge against electricity price volatility and inflation. In many states, the price of electricity can fluctuate significantly due to demand. By installing solar, your business will be able to lock in electricity prices and reduce reliance on an unpredictable expense. Solar makes it easier for companies to budget and plan for the future.

What is Standby Power Generation?

 A standby commercial generator keeps your power on and your business open during an outage. It’s installed outside your business and turns on automatically — whether you’re business is open or closed. All within seconds of a power outage.

Automatic standby generators require no action from you when a power outage occurs. The power generation system recognizes the outage and automatically restores power to your facility in seconds, giving you peace of mind and the ability to continue business as normal.

The safety of your employees and customers is a must. Ensuring that you have power for lighting and electrically-controlled entrances/exits during a power outage is the first step to keeping everyone there safe and secure. In addition, maintaining power to your security systems will keep your monetary resources and inventory protected.


With a backup generator you can rest assured that when the power goes down in the middle of the night, your refridgerating systems will not fail.

Gas Stations

When the power goes out, so does the ability to pump gas.  Make sure your customers have access to fuel 24/7 with a back-up generator.

Office Equipment

Don’t let productivity stall because of a power outage with a backup power generator. You can make sure that business will resume as normal even when the power goes out.

Security Systems

Your security system gives you piece of mind, our power generaters will keep those working at all times.


You won’t be left in the dark during a storm with a back up power generator. Keep the lights on during all weather conditions.


State and Government Incentives

To see what state and government incentives are available in your area, check out the Department of Energy website.


This is the most significant financial benefit for anyone who installs a solar solution for their business. Owners of newly installed solar systems get a federal tax credit for 22 percent of the cost of the system. Learn more about ITC.


Businesses can deduct 85 percent of the value of the solar asset from their taxes, providing another significant offset to the upfront cost of a solar system. Learn more about Accelerated Depreciation.


Reap grants are available for agricultural and rural small businesses by state. 25% of the total system cost can be paid in the form of a cash grant. For more information visit