RAPID CITY, S.D. (2/12/16)  —  GenPro Energy Solutions has donated the installation of new hi-tech LED lighting for the the Black Hills Home Builders Association’s Rapid City office, a move that will save the organization an estimated $1,200 per year in lighting costs.
LED — light-emitting diode — technology uses the interaction between electrons and protons to produce light. The diodes emit virtually no heat and send the light rays in a single direction. LED is much more energy efficient and cost-effective than incandescent lights, which create a great deal of heat and splash light in all directions.
Increasingly, LED lighting is finding its way into single family homes, apartments and other residential settings as homeowners seek ways to reduce their environmental footprints and cut their electric bills. That’s why the Black Hills Home Builders Association is a good way to introduce builders to the advantages of LED lighting.
“The long-term money and energy savings are well-established facts,” said Todd Houghton, vice president of sales for GenPro. “However, we still hear concerns about the brightness or the quality of the lighting for home use. The staff at Black Hills Home Builders Association will tell you that LED light is brighter, cooler and more comforting to the eye than the old incandescent bulbs.”
GenPro, based in Piedmont, donated the labor for installation of the lights.