Gillette Generator PArts

Close-out Gillette component parts for MODELS 2.2-15kW.

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Part NumberPart
41000GILLETTE PART-Bearing
202072GILLETTE PART-AXLE 9.0 KW – 15 KW and HDWR, Dolly
210209GILLETTE PART-Stator Thru-Bolt w/ Nuts, 11′ LG
210745GILLETTE PART-Left Hand Axle 3.5 – 7.5 KW and HDWR Kit (Optional)
210746GILLETTE PART-Right Hand Axle 3.5 – 7.5 KW and HDWR Kit (Optional)
210958GILLETTE PART-Battery Tray & HDWR
230018GILLETTE PART-Cooling Fan with Screws (E)  C – Fan
230023GILLETTE PART-Brush- Brush Holder Assembly, 30
240101GILLETTE PART-Retainer Ring, Ball Bearing
240134GILLETTE PART-Suction/Return Fuel Line w/Bushing  (8 Gal.)
240207GILLETTE PART-Air Vent w/Bushing   (4 & 8 Gal.)
240800GILLETTE PART-Brushes w/ Screws, 30
270011GILLETTE PART-Rocker Start – Stop Switch (Optional)    (GPNR)
270703GILLETTE PART-Circuit Breaker, 30 A, Push Button   (GPN)  (BDN)
270801GILLETTE PART-Rectifier, Reverse Polarity w/ HDWR
270802GILLETTE PART-Rectifier, Forward Polarity w/ HDWR
270807GILLETTE PART-Hour Meter and Hdwr   (GPN)
270842GILLETTE PART-‘Speed Matic’ Load Sensing Coil
270847GILLETTE PART-Valve Fuel Shut Off
270908GILLETTE PART-‘Speed Matic’ Control Board
616000GILLETTE PART-Rotor, 10.5 KW (6′ Lam Stack)

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