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Part NumberPart
041A0-ZA0-800HONDA PART-Governor Kit
06111-ZE3-405HONDA PART-Gasket Kit GX340
06165-ZE3-020HONDA PART-Governor Kit EB5000X
11381-ZH8-801HONDA PART-Gasket Rear HSG
11381-ZE3-801HONDA PART-Gasket Case Cover
11381-ZE9-801HONDA PART-Gasket Pan Oil GX390K1
11381-ZH8-801HONDA PART-Gasket Rear HSG
11381-ZJ1-840HONDA PART-Gasket Cover Case
12251-ZA0-800HONDA PART-Gasket Cyl Head
12251-ZF6-W00HONDA PART-Gasket Head 390 CI
12251-ZN1-821HONDA PART-Gasket Head
12358-ZJ1-000HONDA PART-Gasket Cover Breather
12372-ZE2-300HONDA PART-Valve Breather
12391-ZE2-020HONDA PART-Gasket Head Cover GX390
12391-ZJ1-000HONDA PART-Gasket Valve Cover GX620
13010-ZF6-003HONDA PART-Ring Set STD GX390
14410-ZE3-013HONDA PART-Rod Push
14578-ZJ1-801HONDA PART-Pin Compression Release
14579-ZJ1-800HONDA PART-Pin Compression Release
14580-ZJ1-801HONDA PART-Pin Compression
14711-ZE3-000HONDA PART-Valve Intake 390CI
14721-ZE3-000HONDA PART-Valve Exhaust 390CI
14751-ZE2-003HONDA PART-Valve Spring
14771-ZE2-000HONDA PART-Retainer
14773-ZE2-000HONDA PART-Rectifier
14781-ZE2-000HONDA PART-Valve Rotator
15400-PLM-A01PEHONDA PART-Filter Oil GX620
15411-ZN1-000HONDA PART-Base Oil Filter
15614-ZN1-003HONDA PART-Hose Cooler Oil
15625-ZJ1-840HONDA PART-Gasket Cap Filter Oil
16100-ZJ1-931HONDA PART-Carburetor
16163-ZN1-831HONDA PART-Gasket Float Chamber
16212-ZA0-306HONDA PART-Gasket
16220-ZA0-702HONDA PART-Gasket Intake
16221-ZA0-800HONDA PART-Gasket Carb
16221-ZF6-800HONDA PART-Gasket Carburetor
16221-ZG8-000HONDA PART-Gasket Carburetor
16221-ZN1-000HONDA PART-Gasket Carburetor
16223-ZE3-W00HONDA PART-Gasket Carburetor
16263-ZE3-790HONDA PART-Throttle Clip
16269-890-800HONDA PART-Gasket
16271-ZE2-010HONDA PART-Gasket Elbow
16510-ZE3-000HONDA PART-Governor Assy
16531-Z0A-000HONDA PART-Slider Gov
16551-ZE3-000HONDA PART-Arm Governor
16561-ZN1-820HONDA PART-Spring Governor
16562-ZN2-010HONDA PART-Spring Governor Return
17151-ZJ1-003HONDA PART-Gasket Intake
17151-ZJ1-841HONDA PART-Gasket Manifold Intake
17210-ZB5-505HONDA PART-Air Filter Element
17210-ZE2-515 HONDA PART-Air Filter 
17216-ZJ1-000HONDA PART-Gasket Air Filter
17218-ZJ1-840HONDA PART-Filter Air Outer
17219-ZJ1-840HONDA PART-Clip Air Filter Cover
17228-ZN1-000 HONDA PART-Gasket Air Cleaner
17410-ZE1-020HONDA PART-Elbow Intake GX160
18215-ZA0-820HONDA PART-Gasket B Exhaust Pipe
18216-ZA0-800 HONDA PART-Gasket A Exhaust Pipe
18310-ZJ4-831 HONDA PART-Muffler
18321-ZJ4-841HONDA PART-Muffler Outer Protector OBSOLETE
18323-ZE3-W40 HONDA PART-Guard Manifold GX390
18325-ZJ4-831HONDA PART-Protector Muffler 
18333-ZF6-W01HONDA PART-Gasket Exhaust
18333-ZJ1-000HONDA PART-Gasket Exhaust
18333-ZK6-Y00HONDA PART-Gasket Pipe Exhaust
18338-ZJ4-003HONDA PART-Stay Muffler
18396-ZJ1-003HONDA PART-Band Exhaust
30500-ZJ1-843HONDA PART-Assy Coil Ignition
30700-ZJ1-841HONDA PART-Assy Cap
31100-ZE3-W01HONDA PART-Flywheel GX390
31200-ZJ1-842HONDA PART-Starter Motor Assy GX610-620-670
31610-Z5S-801ZBHONDA PART-Key Switch Assy
31610-Z5T-801ZAHONDA PART-Control Assy
31612-ZE2-003HONDA PART-Control Case
31614-ZE2-003HONDA PART-Control Bracket
31615-ZE3-003ZEHONDA PART-Control Panel
31630-ZE1-013HONDA PART-Coil Charge 1 Amp
32350-ZB4-A42HONDA PART-Regulator Voltage
34150-ZH7-003HONDA PART-Control Low Oil Shutdown 
34150-ZJ1-841HONDA PART-Alert Assy Oil
35100-319HONDA PART-Nut Retainer Keyswitch **
35111-880-013HONDA PART-Key (2) Ignition GX390
36120-ZB5-003HONDA PART-Switch Start/Stop RV
37560-ZB5-731HONDA PART-Socket Red Lamp
37570-ZB5-731HONDA PART-Socket Lamp Green 
38240-ZE2-840HONDA PART-Circuit Breaker
90003-ZJ1-840HONDA PART-Bolt Special 5 mm
90018-PN3-000HONDA PART-Holder
90380-MA6-010HONDA PART-Screw 6 x 12
90406-VM6-000HONDA PART-Washer Thrust 8.1 mm GXV390K1
90441-ZE2-010HONDA PART-Washer Cover Valve
90446-KE1-000HONDA PART-Washer Governor
90601-ZE1-000HONDA PART-Seal Oil Drain
90602-ZE1-000HONDA PART-Clip
91201-ZE3-004HONDA PART-Seal Oil 35 X 52 X 8
91201-ZJ1-841HONDA PART-Seal Oil Front
91202-ZJ1-841HONDA PART-Seal Oil
92900-08032-0EHONDA PART-Stud Carb GX390 Adaptor 8 X 32-6mm
94050-060000HONDA PART-Nut Carb Adaptor 6 mm
94100-06800HONDA PART-Washer
95700-06008-00HONDA PART-Bolt Flange 6 X 8 mm
95701-06010-00HONDA PART-Bolt flange 6 X 10 mm
95701-08080-00HONDA PART-Bolt Flange 8 X 80 mm
98079-5547VHONDA PART-Spark Plug

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