Jessica Clark

Office Manager

Jessica was born in Osage, Iowa. Jessica previously worked as a loan processor and receptionist at a mortgage company, an administrative assistant at a surveying and engineering firm, a title services and administrative services manager at a renewable energy consulting firm, and as the administrative accounting assistant serving seven separate programs for a business center in Rapid City.  She has been working at GenPro since December of 2015 as a Solar Specialist Assistant. She finds it exciting to be part of a group that works to help companies, municipalities, communities, and individuals reach their renewable potential and their desire to better the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. She believes that alternative energy is important for the betterment of our environment. Jessica has a full family. Jessica enjoys many outdoor activities in the Black Hills, such as hiking, boating, camping, rock hunting, and spending time with family and friends. Her hobbies include photography and music.


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