5BB Polycrystalline 345W PV Module

Tier 1

High Efficiency: Graphene coating can increase about 2W of the module efficiency by rising around 0.5% of the light transmission

Anti PID: Limited power degradation of ZXP6-72 module caused by PID effect is guaranteed under strict testing condition for mass production

Certified to withstand the most challenging environmental conditions: 5400 Pa snow load – 2400 Pa wind load

Made with selected materials and components to grant quality, duration, efficiency and through outputs, the ZXP6-72 polycrystalline modules by ZNSHINE SOLAR represent a highly flexible solution for diverse installation types, from industrial rooftop plants to small home PV systems or large ground surfaces. This allows you to produce clean energy while reducing your energy bill.

ZNSHINE SOLAR’S ZXP6-72 polycrystalline solar modules are tested and approved by internationally acknowledged laboratories so that we can offer our customers a reliable and price-quality optimized product.

The linear warranty on product outputs further ensures increased security and return on investments over time.

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