Sol-Ark 12kW Hybrid Inverter

48V Hybrid Battery Based Inverter

Next-Generation Efficiency

3X Better! Only 3.5% losses vs. 14% in today’s battery based systems

Split Phase & Three Phase

Sol-Ark’s 12K pumps out power just like the grid, allowing you to power 120V/ 240V/208V appliances

Grid-Tied, Hybrid, Off-Grid

Manages power from Solar, Battery, Grid, Load, and Generator simultaneously


Sol-Ark is expandable from 5 to 52 (16.5 kW) solar panels and 0-32 batteries. Per 12K unit.

10-Year Standard Warranty

The 12K comes standard 10-year warranty right out of the box.

  • Two Built-In 500V Charge Controllers
  • 1 – 6 PV Strings
  • Battery Disconnect
  • 48V Battery Input
  • Auto-Generator Start
  • Rapid Shutdown Signal
  • Built in Arc Fault and Ground Fault detection
  • Current Sensors Included
  • Battery Communication
  • PV Disconnect
  • Wiring Knockouts an & WiFi
  • 50A Breakers:
    • AC In/Out, AC Load Out
    • AC Gen In/Smart Load Out

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Parallel Stacking, Grid Sell, Meter Zero, Time of Use, Smart Load, AC Coupling, Peak Shaving, 20 kW Peak Power

Highly Accelerated Life Testing

Proven to last well beyond the standard 10 year warranty

Engineered, Tested, Serviced in the U.S.A.

Talk to a U.S. based engineer 7 days a week

No Glitch Switch

Don’t be interrupted when the grid goes down. Our seamless transfer time will keep your electronics and appliances running without a glitch.