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Genpro helps your business reduce power consumption through effective lighting solutions.

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You can take control of your business’s energy consumption with GenPro. Energy costs have historically risen year over year. Knowing that you will continue pay higher costs to use electricity, GenPro has the right solutions to help your business reduce energy costs. Help the overall bottom line by reducing the amount you spend each month while keeping your building running optimally.

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How can GenPro help reduce your energy costs?


Once installed, you shouldn’t have to think about changing a light bulb again. At 10 hours usage per day, LEDs have an average 10-13 year lifespan. After using an LED bulb for 50,000 hours they only lose a certain portion of their luminescence and do not burn out completely like other bulbs do.

LEDs work extremely well in cold temperatures and are made with durable circuitry so you’ll rarely break a bulb. GenPro has multiple warranty programs available ranging from 5-10 years, so if you find a bulb goes out prior to its warranty date, we will replace and install a new one at no charge to you.


Variable Frequency Drives

VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) are energy savings products that match the amount of work or load on a motor to the amount of energy it needs to power that amount of work. By doing this you are reducing excess energy from being wasted. Nearly half of the electricity usage in commercial buildings is used to move air and water. A VFD is a great solution to save energy in this area.

Many motors that are used to move air and water are designed to deal with your peak loads, which can be generally oversized. A VFD allows you to run that motor at the load it needs to be instead of running it at peak load all the time. The VFD also includes the ability for a built-in soft start capability. Combining these two advantages are going to guarantee your business energy savings while extending the life of the motor.

Peak Shaving

Peak shaving is the ability to control your electricity costs during periods of heavy electricity use. For commercial and industrial (C&I) customers, the peak demand charges can be substantial — up to 70% of the customer’s utility bill. The most cost-effective solution to reduce these charges is peak shaving.

By adding on-site power generation you can save your business every time the energy rates are peaking. By adding solar PV and/or energy storage you can increase available power without creating increased demand. The advantage of utilizing solar and/or energy storage is their capability to dispatch power quickly with ease of control.



Controls are one of the most effective ways to save energy and money within commercial buildings. Nearly $100B is spent globally on lighting commercial buildings each year. Much of that energy is wasted by lighting being left on in unoccupied rooms and by being over lit.

There are many options when considering energy reducing controls. Technology has evolved to move beyond the stand-alone occupancy-based products, to provide true system-level control over lighting, the results can produce tremendous savings, better occupant comfort, and improved building management. Contact GenPro to see all control options.