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Is solar energy right for your home? Rooftop or ground installation? Which is right for your home? How much will this cost, and how much can you save?  GenPro has all the answers to your residential questions.

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Tip: In 2020 the Federal Tax credit is 26% off your solar energy system.

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See What it takes to go solar

Solar Design & Installation Services

Our solar design process leads the way, providing the latest in style, efficiency, and function. GenPro developed a residential solar product line that offers the highest performance standards and style in the residential class, our 100% satisfaction guarantee will ensure only the most excellent quality of services from design to installation and aftercare. Our team of energy production experts provide no pressure information.  At GenPro we believe in giving honest answers to help inform our clients on their best options, we strive to size solar energy systems to not under or oversell each residences needs.

How to get started


When you contact GenPro, one of our industry certified Solar Consultants will coordinate a personal visit with you. Your Solar Consultant will gather the required information to develop a custom solar proposal.

Your solution will include an optimal solar design for your home to give you the best energy offset given your location and historical electric usage. We will present you with an aerial image of your home with the solar system installed so you can see what it will look like. Most importantly, we will provide you with an actual energy savings report so you know how much you can expect to save!


The entire process starts with an initial site audit to take an exact measurement of your solar system layout, we collect information about your building structure and existing electrical infrastructure. Utilizing exact information about your home and location we evaluate size, shape, positioning, shading, angles and sun exposure. Once this information is reviewed by our engineering team, we will begin to customize a final layout and electrical design that will provide you with the optimal solar system for your unique home and energy needs. Once the design is complete, we will review it with you face-to-face for a final approval and then submit the required documents for your jurisdiction and utility.


Once your system is permitted and ready for installation, our team of licensed and certified electricians will begin your solar installation.

Residential solar design and installation services vary based on system size and complexity as well as the number of local inspections required in your jurisdiction and can range anywhere from one to seven days. Once the installation is complete, we will fully test your system to ensure it works properly and conduct final inspections with the local jurisdiction.

See What it takes to go solar

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