“Now, more than ever, the reasons to go solar are plentiful. However, did you realize one of the leading drivers in the transition to solar power in your home is the enormous impact it can have on your electric bill? In some cases, you can even eliminate your electric bill.”
– Ryan Usera, Residential Solar Expert

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Why Us?

People choose the GenPro Network because we set you up for and guarantee success in the journey to solar powering your home or business. Not only do you get best-in-class service when you choose the GenPro Team, but you also receive GenPro vetted technologies and tested solutions from leading industry manufacturers. As one of the largest turn-key solution providers in the nation, you get to leverage our enormous buying power while we pass down savings to you!

How Do I know What System Size I Will Need for My Home?

Our certified solar engineering team guides you through the entire design and selection process, ensuring the best solution for your home’s needs. Every aspect of your system requirement is calculated from rooftop or ground mount, central or microinverter, energy storage, or grid-tied. Every configuration detail is evaluated when designing your custom GenPro Energy Solution. Our team of experts will ensure that the cost of your solar power system is optimized and custom-built to your specific needs.

Now I Know What I Need, Now What?

The entire installation process is managed from beginning to end by our Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Certified Electricians guaranteeing your solar power system is set up exactly how it needs to be to meet your needs. Learn more below!


When you contact GenPro, one of our industry certified Solar Consultants will coordinate a personal visit with you. Your Solar Consultant will gather the required information to develop a custom solar proposal.

Your solution will include an optimal solar design for your home to give you the best energy offset given your location and historical electric usage. We will present you with an aerial image of your home with the solar system installed so you can see what it will look like. Most importantly, we will provide you with an actual energy savings report so you know how much you can expect to save!


The entire process starts with an initial site audit to take an exact measurement of your solar system layout, we collect information about your building structure and existing electrical infrastructure. Utilizing exact information about your home and location we evaluate size, shape, positioning, shading, angles and sun exposure. Once this information is reviewed by our engineering team, we will begin to customize a final layout and electrical design that will provide you with the optimal solar system for your unique home and energy needs. Once the design is complete, we will review it with you face-to-face for a final approval and then submit the required documents for your jurisdiction and utility.


Once your system is permitted and ready for installation, our team of licensed and certified electricians will begin your solar installation.


Residential solar design and installation services vary based on system size and complexity as well as the number of local inspections required in your jurisdiction and can range anywhere from one to seven days. Once the installation is complete, we will fully test your system to ensure it works properly and conduct final inspections with the local jurisdiction.

What Type of Solar System
is right for you?

Grid Tied Solar

A grid-tied system seamlessly connects to your home and the traditional electric grid while using all the power you create from the sun. This means you will still have access to the power grid for use when your solar system is not producing enough electricity. If utility power fails, your solar system will not produce power until utility returns. This is required by code so no power goes back on the electric grid risking injury to a lineman.

Grid Interactive Solar

Similar to a grid-tie, but employs an energy storage solution (ESS) component to the system. This balance continues to power your home during off-peak hours when the panels aren’t producing solar power and protects your home from power outages. In the event of a power failure, your system will seamlessly draw power from the energy storage while disconnected from the utility grid. 

Off grid Solar

An off-grid system is completely disconnected from the power grid. An energy storage solution (ESS) functions as your utility source and is essential to making your off-grid solar system function regardless of day or night and in-climate weather. This is the system of choice for homes located far away from the utility grid or for people who just want the comfort of knowing they are in control of their own energy source.

Energy Storage SOLUTIONS (ESS) keep and use all of the power you produce

The idea that the power could be kept and utilized later, instead of sold back to the grid, is often a more appealing alternative.  Residential energy storage (ESS) can help you cut your electricity expense significantly, specifically if you live in a warm state.  A home can only get to Net Zero energy by being powered with clean energy captured by solar panels, it can be stored in an ESS.

Stored electricity could fill the tank of an electric vehicle or keep the lights on in the house.  It can also be used to keep some important electric-powered items, like your refrigerator and freezer running in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

How big should my (ESS) be to Power my House?

The amount of energy storage required is calculated from your home’s energy usage.  Energy usage is measured in kilowatt-hours over a period of time. For example, a home requiring 1,000 watts for 10 hours per day = 10 kWh per day.  The other factor to take into consideration is the energy storage system’s performance and how much continuous output you require.  Contact our Energy Storage Specialists to see what (ESS) is right for you!