Sara Lynn Pesek Has Been Promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Operations

December 9th, 2020 – Piedmont, SD

GenPro Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that Sara Lynn Pesek has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Business Operations.

Sara started with GenPro in March 2018 as the Business Development Manager. During the following several months, Sara worked to engage state and local officials to raise awareness of our industry and educate elected leaders on the benefits of renewable energy in the Midwest.

Beyond government affairs, Sara also displayed her ability in other areas of the company supporting our energy development division through financial analysis and feasibility assessments. The dedication and support that she provided to the Energy Development team led her to the promotion of Vice President of Corporate Development and Finance. In this role she was critical in managing the intelligent growth of our energy development activities throughout the country. Sara has displayed a tremendous ability to multitask under pressure while implementing two software integrations over her tenure.

As Senior Vice President of Business Operations, Sara will be planning, directing, and coordinating business operations primarily in the finance and accounting department. She will also support business divisions across the company to ensure sound and accurate financial modeling for clients and industry partners.


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