The 7th Annual Solar Foundation’s National Solar Jobs Census 2016 update on current trends, employment and projected growth in the solar industry was recently published.  In 2016, the census found that employment in the solar industry increased by over 51,000 workers.  They found that there were over 260,000 solar workers in 2016, which is a 25% increase over 2015.  This number reflects triple what the Census released in 2010.

Solar jobs increased in 44 of the 50 states in 2016.  The states with the highest number of solar jobs during 2016 include: California, Massachusetts, Texas, Nevada and Florida.  Nine percent of all solar workers are veterans, compared to 7% of the overall US workforce.  The 2016 Census also found that solar workers that are women increased from 24% in 2015 to 28% in 2016.

According to the census:

·   One in every 50 jobs added in the US, during the year 2016, was created by the solar industry, which represents 2% of all new jobs

·  Over $84 billion was added to the US GDP from the solar industry

·   In the next year, employers expect to see employment in the solar industry increase by 10%

·  In the past four years the US has seen solar job growth increase of at least 20% per year

According to the US Department of Energy’s second annual US Energy and Employment Report, solar employs more workers than any other energy industry, which includes: coal, oil and natural gas combined.  As prices decrease on solar panels, we can only expect to see more growth in the solar industry as the return on investment becomes greater.

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