Backup or Home Standby Generator Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to size a generator for a home?

You can tackle the job of sizing a standby generator by matching the circuits between your home's main electrical panel and the generator system's load center. By identifying the circuits to back up, the ideal generator size can be determined. An electrician should measure the electrical load and identify the circuits to back up. For a whole house generator, the peak kW demand needs to be determined by contacting your utility provider. They can provide a summary of your monthly load including your daily peak demand. Once the size is determined, a certified design engineer will select the right size to match your peak demand.


What are the advantages of aluminum or composite generator enclosures?

Aluminum and composite enclosures are designed to be rust and salt-water corrosion resistant. These types of designs are optimal for salt-water environments and highly recommended.


Can my new automatic standby generator replace utility service?

No. Unless you live in a remote area without utility power, generator fuel costs are typically more than buying electricity from the utility company. If your primary source of power must be a generator, consider a prime power generator in combination with a GenPro Energy Storage Solution.


Can I install the generator myself?

As an option, GenPro offers prepackaged and pre-wired systems with complete installation guides. You may choose to perform the site preparation steps and then have a licensed electrician make the electrical panel connections, or you could perform the entire installation yourself. However, for safety reasons and to ensure adherence to all local, state and national electrical codes, manufacturers recommend you use an authorized dealer or one of GenPro’s licensed electrician.


What is the maintenance schedule of a standby generator?

Routine maintenance is necessary for all standby generators to operate reliably. All generators must have periodic oil and filter changes to ensure maximum performance for years of worry-free service. GenPro offers preventative maintenance kits as an option. However, always refer to the manufacturer’s owner manual for routine maintenance procedures and schedules.

Does GenPro offer and can I purchase a service and maintenance contract?

Yes, GenPro offers bi-annual and annual service/maintenance contracts for a worry-free ownership experience. Ask about availability and cost in your area. Pricing is based on the service level you require.

I don't have a natural gas source at my house. How long will a generator run if I choose propane?

Runtime will vary with the size of the generator and the appliance load being placed on it. The information below shows hours of operation for a typical 16-kilowatt generator running at half load:

100-Gallon LP Tank: 50 hours

250-Gallon LP Tank: 125 hours

500-Gallon LP Tank: 251 hours

1,000-Gallon LP Tank: 503 hours

What if I want to use diesel instead of propane?

Diesel generators are designed to run from a sub-base fuel tank or external diesel fuel source. Depending on your fuel tank size, the runtime will vary depending on load.


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