Used Gaseous Standby/Prime Power Generators

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Part # Model # Description Unit Price Qty
DKSD45 45.0EM-15R

-Serial Number: 10726507578
-Standby Rated at 45 kw / 56.25kva
-Currently Setup 120/208Volt, 3 Phase (156.25Amps)
-12 Lead Reconnectable
-60 Hertz, 1800 RPM, 0.8 PF
-12 Battery Volts
-Powered by a Ford 300 CI4.9L Natural Gas / Propane Engine

-Spec: 05PG-6005-A
-Radiator Cooled
-Open Skid
-No Circuit Breaker
-Jacket Water Heater
– No Muffler
-1630 Total Hours Since New
-Dimensions:74 L x 32″W x 47″H

$4990.00 1
GPSD100 L100FGG4 100kW Katolight GASEOUS GENERATOR:  -Serial Number: LM23546564249
-Standby Rated at 100 kw / 125 kva
-Currently Setup 120/240 Volt, 1 Phase (416 Amps)
-12 Lead Reconnectable
-60 Hertz, 1800 RPM, 0.8 PF
-12 Battery Volts
-Powered by a 7.4L GM V8 Turbocharged Natural Gas / Propane Engine
-Radiator Cooled
-Weatherproof Enclosure
-400 Amp 2 Pole Circuit Breaker
-Jacket Water Heater
-Electric Governor Act GAC ADC2255-12
-Muffler (Mounted Outside Enclosure)
-CSA Approved
-504 Total Hours Since New
-Dimensions: 110″L x 46″W x 68″H
$13,900.00 1
GPND180K L180FPZ4 180KW KATOLIGHT / CUMMINS NATURAL GAS / PROPANE GENERATOR: Mfg. 2003, Marathon Generator End, Serial Number: WA537358 94258-0104. Standby Rated at 180kw / 225 kva, 3 Phase @ 0.8 PF. Currently Setup 120/208 Volt, 3 Phase 12 Lead Reconnectable 60 Hertz, 1800 RPM 24 Battery Volts. Powered by an Inline 6 Cylinder Turbocharged Big Cam Cummins Natural Gas / Propane Engine
– Model Number: GTA855G1 Serial Number: 25289243 Rated 293 HP @ 1800 RPM Compression Ratio: 8.5:1 Currently Setup to Run on Vapor Propane Skid-Mounted, Radiator Cooled, Sound-Attenuated Enclosure Control Panel Altronic Ignition System
– 600 Amp 3 Pole GE Mainline Circuit Breaker Jacket Water Heater
– Alternator Automatic Battery Charger Muffler (Mounted Inside Enclosure) UL Listed & CSA Approved 190 Total Hours Since New
– Dimensions: 141″L x 72″W x 96″H, Load Bank Tested
$43,900.00 1
GPND325K N325FRZ4 325KW KATOLIGHT NATURAL GAS GENERATOR: Mfg. 1999, Kato Generator End, Serial Number: WA520353-58821 Standby Rated 325kw / 406.3 kva @ 0.8 PF 60 Hertz, 1800 RPM Setup 277/480 Volts, 3 Phase (489 Amps) 12 Lead Reconnectable 24 Battery Volts Cummins Inline 6 Cyl. Turbocharged Natural Gas Engine Model Number: GTA-19 Serial Number: 25244502 Rated 495 HP @ 1800 RPM Skid Mounted, Radiator Cooled Weatherproof Enclosure Control Panel Altronic Ignition System GE 600 Amp 3 Pole Mainline Circuit Breaker Jacket Water Heater Alternator Battery Charger Electronic Governor Muffler (Shipped Loose) Keys Included 292 Total Hours Since New Dimensions: 148″L x 68″W x 96″H. SOLD!!! 0