Zenith ZBTS-CT Closed Transition Bypass Isolation Series ATS

The ZBTS-CT may be outfitted with a bypass-isolation switch for the utmost in reliability and versatility.  The ZBTS-CT Series provides the ability to withdraw the transfer switch unit for maintenance or inspection by allowing an overlap of normal and alternate sources of less than 100 milliseconds.

When conditions are sensitive to generator voltage drop or frequency dips, GE Zenith Controls can provide a variation of the closed transition method of transfer that combines the attributes of a ZBTS-CT with generator paralleling switchgear. This method of transfer requires greater coordination with the utility company and typically, more sophisticated relay protection schemes.  We suggest you specify option SL on your ZBTS-CT (SL) unit and consult your DAK Generator Services representative early in the project cycle to ensure proper application.

Product Specifications:  Brochure for ZBTS Series (pdf)