G5 SureFit U-bend LED TUbe

Aleddra’s Sur eFit® T8 U-bend tube is a smart choice for retrofitting existing fluorescent U-bend T8’ s with an energy efficient replacement without taking the costly alternative of complete fixture upgrades.  Aleddra’s 2-ft U-bend T8 tube ha s a 6” sep aration between the two legs and will fit all sta ndard 2’x2’ U-bend tr offers and sockets. The U-bend tube is dou ble-end wired and does no t require the change of the so ckets within the fixtur e, as it supp orts both shu nted and non-shunted tombstones (sockets). It works with Instant Start and Rapid Start ballasts, as well as A C-in line voltage from 110V-277V.

Using a Ballast
The SureFit® U-bend tube can directly replace the existing fluorescent
U-bend without rewiring.

Using Line Voltage
The installation process is simple and straightforward.
▪ Bypass the ballast
▪ Connect line voltage directly to the sockets (hot on one end and neutral on the other)
▪ Insert the U-b end tube

Lens Type clear, diffused
Efficacy clear lens ≥ 120 LPW
diffused lens ≥ 100 LPW
Color 27K, 30K, 35K, 40K, 50K
CRI > 80
Input Voltage 110V-277V (50-60Hz)
Operating Temp. -20ºF-122ºF
Power 15W
Light Output clear @ 1800lm, diffused @ 1500lm
Beam Angle 160º
Ballast Instant Start, Rapid Start
Rated Life up to 50,000 hours
Warranty 5-year warranty