5MW-AC Solar Farm

  • Date: 2020
  • Client: Oklahoma Gas & Electric
  • Project Type: Solar
  • Size: 5MW-ac
  • ¬†

Utility solar farm

Investor-Owned Utility, Branch, AR.

  • 15,444 Trina Solar Duomax Twin Modules
  • 2 SMA Sunny Central Skids (derated to 5MW-ac)

This 5MW-ac Photovoltaic solar farm project kicked off in late 2020 for a regional utility that serves Oklahoma and Arkansas. The system is part of the Utilities community solar offerings that will allow local utility customers to purchase solar energy for their own energy consumption. While transportation and supply chain issues due to the pandemic, threatened to delay construction, the project was completed on time and has been producing since the fall of 2021..

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5MW-AC Solar Img1
5MW-AC Solar Img3
5MW-AC Solar Img5
5MW-AC Solar Img7
5MW-AC Solar Img9
5MW-AC Solar Img2
5MW-AC Solar Img4
5MW-AC Solar Img6
5MW-AC Solar Img8
5MW-AC Solar Img10

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