Black Hills State University Bordeaux Hall

  • Date: 2018
  • Client: Black Hills State University
  • Project Type: University Solar
  • Project Size:

Installation of the solar system, which consists of approximately 200, 315 Watt Solar Panels, was completed in 2018.

Randy Culver, associate vice president of Facilities and Sustainability at BHSU, says the solar project is one of many energy saving strategies and the first of several planned solar projects on campus.

“This solar panel installation fits perfectly with our sustainability goals on campus,” Culver said. “It will be great to have the solar panels on our newest residence hall.” He thanked GenPro Energy Solutions for their expertise and noted that it’s great to see a number of BHSU graduates on the staff of the progressive local business that works on energy projects locally, nationally and internationally.

“We are pleased to be working with BHSU on this project. We know BHSU is taking strong leadership in sustainability, admire what they have accomplished in the last decade, and are very excited about their overall future sustainability goals,” Molly Brown, vice president of energy production at GenPro Energy Solutions, said. “This rooftop system on Bordeaux Hall is designed to produce approximately 1,230-kilowatt hours. When you look at your energy bill, you will see charges for kilowatt hours, our systems produce the same type of energy. So instead of paying for 1,230-kilowatt hours, the intention is to produce energy from the solar panels to offset that number and to lower the energy bill.”

Solar development and construction is one of many services offered by GenPro Energy Solutions, which is headquartered in Piedmont and does work across the world throughout North America, Asia, Africa, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, South America, and the Middle East. They have recently opened a second office in Central City, Nebraska.

The project is expected to reduce energy costs by 20 percent for the building.

About BHSU: Black Hills State University is a masters-level state university with 4,200 students. The campus leads the region in sustainability efforts and maintains top academic programs in business (AACSB Accredited), exercise science, natural sciences, social sciences, the arts, mass communication, health sciences and education. The University, founded in 1883, is located in the northern Black Hills, a region abundant with outdoor activity and culture. Spearfish, S.D., is recognized as one of the top 10 most livable small towns in the USA and has also been recognized nationally for outdoor recreational opportunities. A second location, BHSU-RC, was recently established in Rapid City, the state’s second largest city. BHSU, a member of NCAA Division II athletics, offers 14 sports, and has a legacy of champion rodeo teams.


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