School LED Solutions

Educating the world on how to control costs

Effects of LED lighting on a child’s behavior:

  • 35% increase in reading speed
  • 45% drop in frequency of errors (i.e. improvement in concentration)
  • 76% reduction in hyperactivity when given mathematical problems to solve
  • Cooler temperature which resembles day-like lighting results in more alert students, which has proven to rise test scores
  • Proper LED lighting can improve cognitive skills
  • Reduces glare and flicker which causes discomfort and lower attention span

LED Advantages in the Classroom

Flickering fluorescent tubes, heat-shedding incandescent bulbs that also have cool down and warm up times should be a thing of the past, but in many schools, they’re an inefficient part of the present. It doesn’t have to be this way. The continual progression of LED lighting technology has resulted in lower upfront costs while creating a better quality of light. LED lighting has been proven to enhance the learning environment, help students feel safe while strengthening the school’s reputation.

Lighting accounts for roughly 50% of an average school’s electricity bill, so it’s no surprise that more schools are making the switch to LED. School’s that have made the switch to LED have reduced their lighting bill on average by 60%. To increase savings even further, many schools have motion control sensors in classrooms and offices installed.

Interested in LED lighting for your K-12 institution?