Fortress EVault 18.5kW Battery

Adding Fortress Power Energy Storage to your solar PV system enables you to maximize the use of your clean solar energy by storing excess solar for use at night.

  • Provide power during grid outages
  • Lower your electrical bill by avoiding having to buy electricity at peak times
  • Enjoy a 30% investment tax credit when incorporating with solar
  • Increase your independence from the utility grid

With Fortress Power, you can use your solar power all day and night – even during grid outages! Our mission is to provide compact, user-friendly and affordable lithium energy storage solutions using the latest technology for all homes and businesses. Fortress Power’s smart and innovative energy storage units can be easily integrated with new and existing PV systems. They work by storing clean energy for when you need it most – it’s that simple

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The built-in Battery Management System integrates multilevel safety concepts for excellent performance:

  • Overcharge and Deep Discharge Protection
  • Over-heat protection
  • Over Current Protection
  • Voltage and Temperature Monitoring
  • Cell Monitoring and Balancing

Those safety features are demonstrated on the LCD display. Plus, our technology is capable of connecting 12 units in parallel to achieve 222kWh! These batteries connected in parallel can communicate with each other for voltage monitoring and balancing.