Fortress Lithium Battery

Our High-Performance Fortress Lithium Battery is easy to install, safe, and consistently reliable. It provides the lowest lifetime energy cost for both new solar customers and retrofit customers. Fortress Lithium Battery has the industry’s most advanced technology with a Battery Management System that integrates multilevel safety concepts:

  • Overcharge and Deep Discharge Protection
  • Voltage and Temperature Observation
  • Single Cell Monitoring and Balancing
  • High Performance
    Large power capacity, with a fast charging and continuous discharge power, creating an efficient round-trip conversion.

    Consistent Reliability
    The advanced Lithium Ferrite Phosphate (LFP) technology operates a wider temperature range to provide the most dependable performance.

    Superior Safety
    Manufactured at the highest standards. LFP is proven to be one of the safest Lithium technologies in the industry.

    Easy to Install
    Our compact design saves space and can be conveniently installed.