H300 Hybrid Energy Storage System

H300 Lithium Battery

If you have a limited budget, a light load to support and don’t have the floor space, then the H300 series is the solution for you. The H300 series of hybrid storage systems are wall-mountable pre-configured solutions consisting of a H5001 hybrid inverter and 5kWh Lithium batteries (LNMC).

In this series, the H301 has a storage capacity of 5kWh and the H302 has 10kWh. And if the need arises, the H301 can easily be upgraded into the H302.

H5001 Hybrid Inverter

The Darfon H5001 hybrid transformerless inverter is integrated with a distribution box to facilitate easy installation. The distribution box includes quick disconnect terminals, PV and battery disconnects, AC breakers, battery connectors and generator contactor. The H5001 supports a wide range of applications, including o-grid, self-use, net-metering, backup, time-of-use optimization and as a string inverter.

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H300 Lithium Battery

  • 5kWh Lithium battery included and configured to work out of the box
  • Built-in distribution box for fast installation
  • Designed for users with a limited budget and houses with less than
  • 2kW load to support
  • Transformerless inverter design with true sine-wave AC output and auxiliary port for generator support
  • System monitoring and management via the control panel
  • Five (5) year standard warranty

H5001 Hybrid Inverter

  • Up to 6.5kW PV with dual MPPT
  • Compatible with Lithium or lead-acid based batteries
  • Manage and monitor system via control panel
  • Five (5) year standard warranty

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