Best-in-Class technology at the best value

Product Procurement

Today solar is all the rage in the energy industry! But how do you know you are getting the right product at the absolute the best value?  Selecting a partner that has a documented record of success among its peers is a sure way to start. A partner that understands the relationship of the project requirement and technology selected to perform in each environment is a must in the ever-changing energy market.

Understanding the technological, environmental, and economic challenges the continuously evolving energy industry is faced with is key to your selection of a development partner. GenPro’s Procurement Team has been intimately involved in the energy industry for more than two decades successfully sourcing the best-in-class technologies for a multitude of complex energy projects throughout North America, Central America, South America and the Caribbean. And GenPro, as a Top 500 Solar Contractor, five years running, guarantees you are partnering with the best-in-class developer.

Whether your project is a specialized remote power project, utility-scale solar farm or a residential solar application, GenPro always stands behind the engineering, development, sourcing, and implementation of your most demanding energy system requirement on time and on the budget, every time.

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