solar irrigation solutions

Irrigate land without costly utility power lines

Certainty of supply – you are in control

If your local power supply is not reliable or if you have concerns over diesel supply at some points in the season, then a solar water pumping solution can offer you the assurance you need to deliver your crops. Your livelihood is dependent on your harvest or your livestock, LORENTZ solar water pumps deliver water reliably and give you independence from power prices, fuel prices or government levies. You have assured water deliver and are in control of your competitiveness.

Running large-scale irrigation systems on solar is an up and coming application. Irrigation is critical to raising crops in certain parts of the world, many of these locations are off the grid and have no electricity. Historically these sites would be powered with very large diesel generators which are high maintenance and expensive to run and fuel. There are now advanced drive systems available for large motors up to 600HP, they take in solar DC energy and put out the appropriate 3 phase AC power to run the motors. These systems can be set up for a solar-only option, meaning the system would only operate during the day and would likely distribute less water on overcast days. They can also be installed as a Hybrid system meaning that every once of solar energy is going towards running the motors but if solar irradiation levels drop you can back up the system with AC power or a gen-set and the system will pull just enough from these back up sources to supplement the solar for full power to the motor. This also allows for irrigating to be done in the early morning hours and into the evening or night. This scenario would drastically reduce the usage of these irrigation sites and also help with peak demand shaving.

As Much Water as you need

If your demands for water do not naturally fit with a solar water pump, either because you need to pump water 24 hours per day or you have wide variations of water use through the year then LORENTZ has the solution. Our PSk2 systems and SmartSolution hybrid power options allow to have the benefits of off grid, free water pumping with the ability to automatically blend in alternative power sources when required. The perfect solution when increased irrigation is needed during the growing season.

Irrigate land without power infrastructure or diesel

Using solar water pumps you can irrigate land without the need to consider installing power lines or needing to worry about availability or quality of power to the fields. Any irrigation method is compatible with solar water pumping with the right system design.

If you are currently using diesel or gas to power your pumps then you are almost guaranteed to get a fast return on investment by moving to a solar pump. A solar water pumping system requires no fuel filling, engine servicing and has no ongoing operating costs.

Solar Water Pumps