Livestock Watering Solutions

Provide drinking water directly to your livestock

As much water as you need

Many of our system designs are referred to as solar direct, meaning the pumps only run during the day. When paired with the proper amount of water storage this is a very simple design with limited moving parts and very low maintenance. We like to say it is much cleaner and easier to store the water as opposed to storing the energy, not to mention much more cost effective, this mentality has been successfully implemented for many years. We also understand that not everyone’s needs are the same, if you are running a winter time system or need 24/7 operation of the pump we also have extensive knowledge on designing solar plus battery systems to create water delivery day or night.

Providing good drinking water for livestock is directly linked to positive animal health and welfare. Solar pumps allow water to be pumped from almost any depth with very little power. These systems have become the standard replacement for windmills in cattle ranches across the world. With the proper design of the solar PV, pump section, and water storage these systems can meet almost any water demand. Solar pumps can even be used on pipeline systems covering many miles and supplying multiple tanks from one water source or well.


If your local power supply is not reliable or you’re tired of the monthly fees even when you are not using your pumps, then a solar water pumping solution can offer you the assurance you require to meet your water needs. Your livelihood is dependent on your harvest or your livestock, our solar water pump solutions deliver water reliably and give you independence from power prices, fuel prices or government levies. You have assured water deliver and are in control of your competitiveness.