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Running large-scale irrigation systems on solar is an up and coming application.

Irrigation is critical to raising crops in certain parts of the world, many of these locations are off the grid and have no electricity. Historically these sites would be powered with very large diesel generators which are high maintenance and expensive to run and fuel. There are now advanced drive systems available for large motors up to 600HP, they take in solar DC energy and put out the appropriate 3 phase AC power to run the motors. These systems can be set up for a solar-only option, meaning the system would only operate during the day and would likely distribute less water on overcast days. They can also be installed as a Hybrid system meaning that every once of solar energy is going towards running the motors but if solar irradiation levels drop you can back up the system with AC power or a gen-set and the system will pull just enough from these back up sources to supplement the solar for full power to the motor. This also allows for irrigating to be done in the early morning hours and into the evening or night. This scenario would drastically reduce the usage on these irrigation sites and also help with peak demand shaving.

Quick Return on Investment

Solar pumping systems typically have a very quick ROI, if weighing cost against the price of having grid power ran to the site many times that return is immediate. Compared with the high maintenance and fuel cost of running generators solar pumps can pay for themselves in as little as 2 years. In many cases, solar is the only option that makes good business sense.

Solar Water Pumping Benefits

  • Long life expectancy and proven in service record
  • Designed for use in remote and harsh conditions
  • Smart modular design for simple and cost effective servicing and repair
  • Highest efficiency, pumps more water than the competition, starts earlier in the day and finishes later
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Cost effective spare parts philosophy
  • Large range of pumps to closely match each application and optimise efficiency
  • Simple configuration, diagnostics and performance data via free LORENTZ PumpScanner Android™ App

Dependable Operations

Solar pumps are specifically designed to accept DC power directly from the solar modules and are optimized for operating under less-than-ideal sun conditions. Where conventional AC-powered pumps require a stable voltage and frequency to operate, solar pumps can operate over a wide range of voltage and available current.